Gracias, Universe!

If you know any little girl in North America or if, lucky you, you’ve ever been in my house, you’re going to love this.  Promise.

It’s no secret that the most annoying cartoon character of all time is Caillou.


I F-wording HATE this kid. I’d write “fucking” but this is a kids post so I’m being PG.
(photo from Wikipedia)

BUT, my friends, VERY CLOSE behind that whiny little fucker is Dora the Explorer.  The Tornado, of course, is obsessed with all things Dora.  The TV needs to be Dora, her walls are Dora, her bed is Dora, her books are Dora, her birthday party was Dora, she even LOOKS like Dora.

I’m all Dora’d out.

That being said, I have room for ONE MORE DORA.  Because this, kittens, is EPIC.  It’s AMAZING.  You know that I will always warn you if I’m posting a a video that you shouldn’t watch or talking about something that you shouldn’t Google.  I’ve got your back.  So TRUST me when I say this.  If you’ve ever watched Dora the Explorer, WATCH THIS:

I laughed SO SO SO hard.  Map…Diego…SWIPER NO SWIPING!  Again, TRUST ME.  If this is the only video you ever click on in your entire YouTube career, IT IS WORTH IT.



What are your favorite clips?  ENTERTAIN ME!