Project Optimism: Shaking My Butt!

It’s another new week and I’m more excited than ever.  THAN EVER, you guys.  That’s big.

What’s so exciting, you ask?  Possibilities.  They’re endless and that’s very exciting to me.  I’ve been waiting to get really motivated to get in shape for a while now.  Last year I was coasting on residual hotness, even though it had been mildly tarnished by momness.  Then there was pregnancy which we ALL KNOW is a nine month break from fitness anyway.  Then, post Bob Marley arrival, I just wasn’t feeling it.

Last weekend, we felt the shift.  There were a few walks, and then the Weight Watchers membership.  These were good starts that seem to have pushed me TOTALLY BACK INTO IT!

I’ve been trolling the fitspiration boards on Instagram and Pinterest like a crazy person and I’m getting more and more pumped.  I’m even setting GOALS.  Concrete goals so that I have something to work towards.  And guess what, they’re not a number.  I’m not trying to lose x pounds or y inches.  I’m starting Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred today, and I want to build myself up a bit so that in April, I can start P90X.

Yup.  P90X.


I figure that this will be my summer look. But with bigger boobs.
(Photo from a Pinterest board that linked to a random tumblr account. If this is you or you took it, please let me know and I’ll credit)

I have FULL FAITH that this is going to be a fast and exciting journey.  I’m lucky enough not to be starting this from a totally heinous place, so really this is just going to be a bit of pushing off some stubborn weight and then waking up some sleeping muscles.  As long as I’m commited, THIS WILL HAPPEN!.

And I AM committed.  And as cheesy as it sounds, I find a lot of those fitspiration pictures and quotes really awesome!  They make me WANT to do it, and that’s 90% of the battle.  If you feel that I’m ever losing my drive, please push me on, because trust me, you are going to want me to do P90X.  I’ll bet my reviews of the workout will be stellar.  STELLAR, damn it.

What pushes you forward?  Do you have any quotes or pictures that motivate you?

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