Concentrated JOY!

What?  Why concentrated?  Because there’s so much less of me ALREADY.  5.5 pounds, to be precise.  I know what you’re thinking – most of it is water and blah blah blah, but YOU GUYS!  That’s LOTS!  And it’s not like a have that much to lose anyway, so 5.5 pounds is a great big exciting deal.  CELEBRATE!

Yes, kittens, today I am full of joy.  We had a terribly sick toddler for a couple of days (yes, again, this flu season can kiss my ass) but now the household is healthy, the mother is shrinking, and we’re nowhere close to running out of coffee.  Sometimes, that’s enough.

I think it’s time for a world-famous Best Life List.  Sometimes, you need to break the joy into pieces so that you can appreciate its guts.

Today, my life is the best life because:

1. COFFEE!  Coffee, coffee, coffee.  I have about a million reasons why this is number one on my list today, and NONE OF THEM involve sleep.


My coffee doesn’t need to be this fancy, it just needs to EXIST.
(photo from

2. My Husband is the Best Husband – I KNOW that this should be number one, but I’m just so so so tired!  Seriously, you guys, Husbandio kicks ALL THE ASS.  He stayed home yesterday because The Tornado was crazy sick overnight and he didn’t want me to be alone in case I had to scramble the kids somewhere.  He makes me laugh ALL DAY LONG all the time.  He’s ridiculously good looking.  His dimples are better than your dimples.  Guaranteed.  I have lots more to this list, but his family reads this sometimes and, no matter WHAT people say, I do have a filter.  You’re welcome.


We’re ALL so very comfy in his arms.

3. Weight Watchers – Yup.  I can’t believe it, but I guess I can.  I mean, they’ve been around for 50 years, right?  It’s because it WORKS.  I have a friend who has lost over 250 pounds on WW!  250!  No drugs, no surgerys, just DOING IT.  That’s incredible.  It’s an incredible system that doesn’t do everything for you like other systems do, it TEACHES you how to change your habits and it has all the resources you could ever want to make it easy for you.  I’m officially converted.

4. Oven-roasted sausages, potatoes and peppers – Because dinner was THAT amazing last night.  I found this recipe on Pinterest and it was a HUGE hit.

sausage, potatoes, peppers, onion

It was worth EVERY. SINGLE. POINT.

5. My Bestest Friend – My Saree.  You guys will NEVER EVER EVER know how much I LOVE this girl.  All I want in the world is for Saree to have an amazing life.  And I wish you ALL had Saree’s in your life because then there would be total world peace because everyone would be so busy loving their friends that no one could possibly ever fight.  Saree and I have been through everything in the world together, and even though we live 48297502959283479376523 miles apart, nothing will EVER EVER EVER stand in the way of our true true true love.


This is what we looked like a long long long time ago. With our beautiful blonde friend, Brandy, who I also love love love.

How could today NOT be full of joy with all this stuff going for it?  Right?

What’s your list today?  What is making you happy RIGHT NOW?