Extreme Makeover: The Best Life Edition

Before I say anything else, I’d like to thank Birth Without Fear for reprinting my Legendary Birth Story.  My blog stats went so crazy that for a brief second, I thought I had been Freshly Pressed again!

Guess what, faithful readers!  I’m a GROWN UP.  Do you know how I can tell?  Two kids?  Home ownership? Cooking a turkey?  Sure…those are good clues.  But I’m pretty sure that my grow uppedness was made official when I broke down and joined Weight Watchers.  This baby weight is hanging around a little longer than I’m comfortable with, and I feel the need for a structured program.  Up until now, my diets have been centered largely around mental illness and street drugs.  Effective?  Yes.  Ideal?  Not really.

mom jeans

The tragic “before” shot.
(photo from rachaellambanderson.com)

My current state of momness has given my self image a bit of a shot to the face.  And not in a good way.  So I’m taking control!

sexy bikini

I snuck into the future to capture this “after” shot.
(photo from aliexpress.com)

I know that all y’all can’t see me, but I’m skinnier already.  I SWEAR!  I’m super full of optimism and enthusiasm and I have FULL FAITH that I’ll be turning this blog into a storage vault for my amazing nude photos any day now.

Probably not that last part, but I might TYPE while naked, which is almost as good.

Also receiving a makeover this week was our fridge.  It had become pretty bleak up in there.

Empty fridge

I swear, there was an echo.

But guess what?  It’s VEGGIE BOX WEEK!!!

full fridge



And a counter overflowing with fruit!

This GREATLY improved my chances of not starving, and lead to a BEAUTIFUL breakfast frittata that made me feel like quite the gourmet.


All food becomes gourmet when you Instagram it.

What are your go-to foods when you’re trying to be skinny healthy and responsible?  Are you a grown up yet?