Project Optimism: You May As Well Laugh

Happy Monday, beautiful kittens!  I hope you all had weekends as magical as mine!

I was lucky enough to have my amazing father and his wife come to visit this weekend.  He was VERY excited to finally meet his grandson, and I was VERY excited to get in some quality daddy time.  Little did Bob Marley and I know that our plans would quickly be, um, adjusted by his charming and boisterous big sister.

hold my hand

We had no choice but to stand aside and let The Tornado work her way even DEEPER into my daddy’s heart

The best part of the weekend, and truly, the best part of my LIFE, was all the laughter.  I mean, you guys obviously know that I’m hilarious, but it’s not just me!  Husbandio is hilarious, my friends are funny, and if nothing else, I can always laugh at my family.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Having a rough morning?  Is your headspace not quite where you want it to be?  Call someone funny and LAUGH.  It will relax you, change your brain chemistry in very scientific ways, and you will reclaim your little piece of optimism.

I think that laughter is like music.  It can change our mood so profoundly, even when we feel set on moping around or wallowing in our own bad moods.  That video of The Tornado laughing this weekend will NEVER fail to cheer me up.  In fact, I’ve changed my mind.  Laughter isn’t like music, laughter is music.  So turn it on and turn it up.  Laugh until you can’t help but dance.  And as always, kittens, grab life by the biscuits and show it who’s running the show.

Project Optimism

Let your laughter fly through the air with the greatest of ease!

And remember to join us all on our Project Optimism revolution!  My project for this week is to put up a new page on this blog to highlight everyone who is taking part in the project, so that when you need a pick me up you can click through the list for some inspiration.  On that note, please drop me a line if you’re doing it so I can include your blog on the page!