In Praise of our Daughters

The Tornado has been getting the short end of the stick lately, and it’s not fair.  She spent two and a half glorious years as Babe Numero Uno and she played the role with great panache.  She was happy, active, a little crazy, and super cute.

Enter Thing Two.

All of a sudden, our shining little star of a perfect princess gets the back seat.  She still gets lots of attention, no doubt, but it’s not the same.  She gets shhhh’d when her brother is sleeping, and NO JUMPING ON THE COUCH when mommy is feeding the baby.

The baby..the baby…the baby…it must seem like that’s all she hears.

cute toddler

LOOK AT ME, damn it. I’m CUTE!

We’re settling into our routines now.  Thing Two is two months old (today!) and it feels a little bit easier and less negligent to let him sit for a while so that we can lavish The Tornado with much-deserved love.  Because seriously, you guys, she’s amazing.

The Tornado has the best memory of anyone I know.  She read me a book this morning!!!  I mean, she’s two and a half and I know she didn’t READ it, but that’s what makes it incredible.  She has the book memorized and she told me the whole story, page by page.

robert munsch

Andrew….do you have to go pee?

I have a wild crush on Thing Two, but The Tornado will always have a (tiny bit bigger) piece of my heart.  She was my first.  She’s my girl. She taught me how to be a mom.

Maybe we really always appreciate things more when we have to work for them.  Bob Marley is easy.  He’s just so warm and happy and snuggly and he’s a boy.  He just loves, with no thought to how or why.  The Tornado is a crafty little girl and make no mistake, she makes you WORK for her love.  But once you have it, the kisses, albeit wet, are the BEST kisses.  And her belly laughs will melt even the coldest of hearts.

fruit snacks and fabric softener

This morning was full of delicious snuggles

Please never tell her I said this, but I happily work hard to get those moments, because they’re worth it in the end.