There is a 0% chance that I could write a post about the exact same cookies with as much panache as the lovely Amber, so I’m just reblogging her post. I’m making these cookies RIGHT NOW!

the usual bliss

In four days, Santa’s going to pull out his list- and check it twice.

I made sure I’m on the “nice” list. I made TWO kinds of cookies to give as gifts, along with eggnog and bacon jam. I’m a holiday miracle! (Actually, I just love being in the kitchen.)

I’ll tell you later about how I make scrumptious New England Clam Chowder. Let’s talk about the sweets. Dessert first! Yesterday, I shared the decadent Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies– deep and rich. On the other end of the taste bud spectrum, these Glazed Lemon Cookies are tart and sweet. They are SO SIMPLE- and so good.

Look how few ingredients there are!


Softened butter and sugar get blended into a creamy cloud. A couple of egg yolks, vanilla, and salt join the party.  Then, bit by bit, you add some flour until the dough forms. That’s IT.



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