I’ll Jingle Your Bell

I’ve really been struggling this week, knowing that I should write something, but not being able to put any thoughts together. My brain and my attention have been scattered and focus just isn’t happening.

First of all, how? How do I come back here and write something funny or positive after everything that happened last week? I don’t know how to glaze over that. I don’t know how to joke or even really remember how to laugh. I keep reliving things in my brain and it’s awful. I know that I’m Canadian and this isn’t directly my issue and no one in America wants or needs my views and I don’t want to talk about it because I’m just going to sound like a prettier Piers Morgan and this is not a political blog. So I remain quiet.

Secondly, the plague has torn through our house and, as Husbandio put it, our temperatures have been high and tempers short. We’re in the process of getting better and it’s getting easier to breathe, but this isn’t a place I come to bitch and moan so again, I remain quiet.

But it’s not all bad, kittens. We’re here. We have each other. It’s the holidays.





The last picture pretty much sums up my feelings this year.

Merry Christmas, kittens. Celebrate whatever you celebrate and do it with your whole heart.