Getting Into the Holiday Spirits

Yes, spirits.  Plural.  Because I’ve discovered the secret to true joy.


Wine makes everything good. True story.
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In the interest of being inclusive of all people and boozahols, I have room in my heart and liver for more than just wine.  Oh yes, my friends, my holidays also include rum, Bailey’s, vodka, whiskey, and whatever else you want to pour into a glass and offer me.

sailor jerry rum

Santa is ok, but I prefer Sailor Jerry
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I know y’all are thinking that I’m joking right now, but I’m not.  I couldn’t be more serious.  Life is better when I have a drink in my hand.  Please notice I said when I have a drink in my hand.  This is not me telling you that you have to drink.  Because your happiness may come in the form of baking something delicious or picking up some embroidary.  Whatever.  I do well under a little bit of influence.

I’m finding my new role as mother of two a little bit tricky to get used to.  I’m sure that we’ll all find our groove and things will be magical once again, but to be honest, the reason that I’m so convinced of this is because of my old friend, wine.  After any especially challenging day, there is a magical moment when you pick up a glass of wine and start making dinner as a family, and all of a sudden everyone relaxes.  I relax, Husbandio is always relaxed, and the children probably notice that I’m not on the verge of losing my shit and they relax.  All of a sudden, a home that earlier in the day felt like the beginning of a religious thriller feels more like everything you ever hoped for in life.  A loving couple laughing and chopping veggies while their adorable little cherubs stand on chairs, peeking over countertops and stealing pieces of celery.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that all this could happen without a glass of wine, but why would you want it to?  Life is too short.  Enjoy it as much as you can.

Tonight doesn’t have any wine on the menu because Husbandio won’t be home and even I have limits and drinking alone when I’m responsible for children definitely crosses them, but I’m not worried.  Because last night taught me to relaaaaaaax.  We had such a perfect night that it carried on into a perfect morning and I have faith that tonight I will have a picture perfect evening with the offspring.  See?  Wine is educational.

How do you unwind at the end of your day?  Do you have any go-to tricks to turn your day around when things are rough?