This is what I’m talking about, you guys. This morning I have a household where everyone is sick except for me, but when I grabbed my phone this is one of the first things I saw.
I love my tribe.

Love Letters to Myself

…my Nitzer.  An internet romance of the best kind.  


No, not Nitzer Ebb, who I was briefly into back in the 80s, along with other randomly strange sounding bands back then (Lords of the New Church, anyone?) in my quest to experience every music genre invented.  

This is about Nitzer of Canadaland.

We met on livejournal.  Yes, that place that was once the in place to be for maximum internet narcissism and soul baring.   I was Russia’s first webcam girl (not THAT kind of webcam girl, you guys!  There once was a time when webcam people were minor celebrities who kept their clothes ON and lived their lives online on 33.3K dialups so that people could be reassured that yes, they were not the only people who brushed their teeth with their eyes closed and often spent hours just staring at nothing), and found virtual reality…

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