This is one of my soapbox issues. I have nursed my child everywhere…stores, restaurants, community centers…and I’ve never had anyone ask me to stop. But oh boy – if they did, they’d have one hell of a fight on their hands!

Shan's Shenanigans

WARNING: These shenanigans are kind of political, and provide pictures of, *gasp*, breasts. I’m providing this warning not because of the pictures, but mostly because some people really aren’t interested in any kind of politics but may want to scroll through in order to see all the boobies.

“Honey, I was expecting our free formula samples to arrive yesterday. I thought they were coming via sabre toothed tiger post, but at this rate I bet they sent them wooly  mammoth,” said no stone age woman ever.

Breast-feeding is as natural as breathing and people who are made uncomfortable by it need to get over it, in my humble opinion. Where would we be if our ancestors didn’t know how to breast-feed? Gee, I just had a kid and my boobs are killing me and dripping this white stuff. My child is constantly nuzzling my breast, targeting the nipple. Coincidence!? Hmmm…

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