My Secret Identity

Confession time, you guys.  I have a secret identity and I think it might shock all of you.  ESPECIALLY after I posted my lighter haired twin’s picture yesterday.


cookie monster

I know. I have shame.
(photo from, although I don’t know how THEY knew my secret…)

I don’t know if it’s suddenly being un-pregnant, or what.  Is it hormones?  Is it because I’m breastfeeding and my body thinks it needs extra energy?  Is the Universe just worried that if I didn’t eat ALL THE COOKIES that I would instantly become WAY too hot for this galaxy and it would need to start creating a race of super ugly troll monsters just to restore balance?

Hard to say.

But what I can say for sure is that if you are my dearest, sweetest Husbandio, you shouldn’t bother looking for any cookies or treats when you get home.  Because they all mysteriously disappeared.

fruit cream cookies

Seriously dude…I have no idea where they went.
(photo from colonialcookies,ca)

I’m going to take Thing Two for a walk now.  Because I have to.