My Loincloth Brings All the Boys to the Yard

I would have made a great cave woman.  I’m almost certain of this.

I know what you’re thinking.  Obviously I’d make a great cave woman.  I would look OUTSTANDING in a loin cloth!

sexy cave woman

This is almost EXACTLY how I look when I dress as a cave woman. Except my hair is darker.

But that’s not the reason.  And it’s not even because the idea of a paleo diet gives me a lady boner.  Although those are both compelling reasons to nominate me for Potential Cave Bunny of the Year, my reasoning goes back to a theme I’ve talked about many times before.


I firmly believe that we are meant to be a tribal society.  We need interaction.  We need to live and work and celebrate and mourn and play and do all of our fun things together. We do better when we have others with us, not just for the logistical aspect of being able to do more things with more people, but for the emotional reasons as well.

Back in the olden days, we lived in groups.  The men would hunt, the women would do everything else, and life was full of human interactions.  It truly took a village to raise a child.  The children would all play together and learn from each other and watch each other, and the mothers always had someone to help them through the rough times when The Tornado was driving them crazy they needed some extra support.  They didn’t post a status on Facebook and then laugh quietly to themselves about the comments.  NO!  They turned to the woman beside her and would scream-whisper, “OMG DID SHE REALLY JUST TRY TO EAT A CIGARETTE BUTT WOOLY MAMMOTH BONE???” and then they would roll their eyes together and go on with their day, happier because they were able to connect, as humans over how crazy their children are.

This weekend was full of wonderful interactions.  Family was in and out of the house all weekend (including one sassy little toddler who let herself out and was found exploring the driveway, but we won’t talk about that because then we’ll need heart medication) and it was sooooooo good for the soul.  I need my tribe.  I. JUST. DO.  There’s something completely therapeutic about having women all around you with cups of tea and sage advice.  Even MORE therapeutic to have women all around you with glasses of wine and funny stories.  And I’ll happily take any and all of those scenarios.

If I could be the architect of my life, we would have a huge compound somewhere, where all the family and close friends could live together, all having their own private areas, but congregating often in common space where most of the living happened.  We would cook together, eat together, dance together, and laugh together.  There would be fires going until late at night, where the older kids would have s’mores and the adults would drink and tell stories and then we would go off to our separate beds, ready to congregate again in the morning over coffee.  Bliss.

Hmm…maybe I would make a better cult member than cave woman.  But either way, you KNOW I’m gonna rock the loin cloth.