…aaaand exhale

I’m dying to write my birth story. For real. I’ve been making notes all week to make sure that I don’t forget any details.

But not today.

We got home on Friday morning after a ridiculous week at the hospital (everyone is ok) and we had a lovely weekend full of family and just looking around and being in love with being at home, with all four of us under one roof. Now it’s a new week, and real life has started. Husbandio is back at work, The Tornado is safe at daycare (for which I have a WHOLE NEW appreciation) and Bob Marley and I are exhaling at last.

So there will be a proper amazing birth story because I want to talk about it, ad nauseum, forevermore, but not today. Today is for snuggles, and a bit of laundry. Because that’s how we roll.


I missed you all last week!!! I just couldn’t bring myself to update from such a yucky place. Let’s catch up tomorrow over a nice giant cup of coffee, shall we?