I have a lot of feelings

I read a post a while back about what to write about that stuck with me.  I’ve seen lots of people apologize on their blogs about content or lack there of, and I try really hard not to fall into that trap.  What I write may not always be Pulitzer Prize winning stuff, but maybe that just means they need to re-examine what can and cannot win a Pulitzer.

Or maybe I should shoot for a different award.

Regardless, I think that it is important to blog what you feel.  This blog isn’t going to be anyone’s “go-to” source for facts about anything.  I promise, I’m not here to teach you stuff.  Except maybe NEVER MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT BODY HAIR IN ANY OF YOUR POSTS because your search terms will gross you out for the rest of your life.  You’re welcome.

This blog is a place where I get to sit down for an hour or so a day and tell the world what is going on with The Best Life.  And today, kittens, The Best Life feels pregnant.  Like, SUPER pregnant.  Like, get-this-baby-out-of-me pregnant.


Like I’m-too-fat-to-put-make-up-on-my-bloated-face pregnant

I’m wishing with ALL MY HEART that I could fast-forward the rest of today to get to my midwife’s appointment tomorrow to have another stretch and sweep and then come home and take a two-hour walk and spend the evening doing deep squats and then the night making my poor Husbandio feel like I’m just using him for his bodily fluids and then LET’S GET THIS DONE, shall we???

I want to fill up the tub!  I want to feel my body trying to turn itself inside out!  I want to put on my mustache glasses and LIVE TWEET THE WHOLE BLESSED OCCASION!

But I want it to start immediately.

So I’m NOT sorry, kittens.  THIS is what I’m feeling and you can take it or leave it, but just think…hopefully in a few hours, you’ll be so busy reading champagne-soaked tweets about the most perfect birth EVER that you’ll forget how hopelessly bloated I’m feeling right now.

If that isn’t enough feeling-stuff for you, I’m ALSO feeling incredibly open to suggestion.  Everything I’ve seen on TV, from chocolate to thin-crust pizza, looks like the best thing EVER and it’s driving me nuts.  I wish that there was a vacuuming station that I could tune in to that would make me want to vacuum my house and wash all my floors, because that’s REALLY what I should be doing RIGHT NOW.

How about you, my faithful readers?  How are YOU feeling right now?