Short and Sweet – Because I’m Not

So it’s been an exciting day here at The Best Life.  My midwife came for a home visit (one of about a billion reasons why I love midwives!) and she gave me some surprising news – I’m about ready to pop!

The baby is sitting VERY VERY VERY low, I’m 3cm dialated in the front and 1.5 in the back of whatever weird cervical speak that is.  My cervix very soft.  She did a VIGOUROUS stretch and sweep of my membranes which left me with an incredible amount of bloody show (if you don’t know what that is, DO NOT GOOGLE it.  You’re welcome.)  She sent me out for a walk with instructions to have lots of sex today and tomorrow.

FINE.  If I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave to.

The walk was a bit harder than I anticipated, partly because I was kind of scream-grunting down the nature trail so I sounded like a professional tennis player, and partly because I was wearing shoes that weren’t flip flops for the first time in about six months.

fred flintstone feet

Try squeezing THESE into some kicks when you can’t even reach your feet.
(pic from

So now we wait.  With cupcakes and potato soup.  Because I NEED MY ENERGY, you guys.

If I you don’t hear from me in the next few days, then you probably should have clicked the twitter or facebook button, because they’ll be easier to update!  You have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF!