A FABULOUS Wake Up Call!

Today has been the kind of day that Best Lives are made of.

It all started first thing this morning, when my twee little Tornado woke up in the best mood ever.  And TRUST ME when I say that we needed it after yesterday’s day-long whine fest.  We snuggled and danced and she even made a big show of cleaning up the living room before we left for daycare.  WHO IS THIS KID?  And can I keep her?

bacon thief

BACON THIEF – caught red-handed!

Once The Tornado was gone, it was time for mama to get her shit together because I had a hot coffee date with a soon-to-be world famous triathlete  this morning and she deserved me to be at least SOMEWHAT put together, no?

Do you ever save stuff for a special occasion?  Do you have any jewelry, perfume, candles, panties…anything…that you NEVER use because it’s for something special?  I’m notorious for this and it’s something that I’m really trying to work on. Because every day is special and tomorrow may never come.  Awful to say, but tell that to this woman.  I hope that she kissed her loved ones and used her good soap that day.

Eww…morbid segue!  I swear, I didn’t mean to take that to a depressing place!  Because this story is NOT depressing!  It’s AWAKENING.

Arbonne awaken


I have had a tub of Arbonne’s Aromassentials Awaken Sea Salt Scrub for like a YEAR now and had never used it until this week.  I was always told that scrubbing your feet with it in the bath was better than getting a pedicure.  Well guess what, I have a toddler and therefore have baths approximately NEVER.  So I just never used it.  Well I finally plopped my giant, bloated pregnant self into the tub on Monday afternoon, slathered myself with the scrub, and somehow danced my way out of the bathroom in a full blown, tragically uncoordinated frenzy of passionate pregnant bliss!  I shook myself so feverishly and with SUCH UNADULTERATED MANIA, that I almost felt like my old self again.  I watched myself in the mirror and managed to look past the elephantine reflection and could actually see myself in there.

I almost wish I had taken a video.  Almost.

Today obviously called for more of this magic.  And I didn’t even bother to wait for a bath.  I took the tub of scrub (OH JOYOUS RHYME!) into the shower and now I’m soft and supple and vital and happy.  Because it has lemon for vitality and coriander for happiness.  If The Best Life had a fragrance, THIS would be it.  Not so much for the actual smell, but for the outcome.  VITALITY AND HAPPINESS, people.  It doesn’t get much Bester Lifer than that.

So all awake and clean and rejuvenated, I was off to meet my beautiful friend for giant coffees, decadent sandwiches, and fresh apple fritters that you would punch kittens for, followed by a hilarious grocery shopping trip complete with slow dancing in the pasta aisle.  Don’t pretend like you’ve never done it!

Your mission for today – go and use something that you’ve been saving for a special occasion.  Today’s leftovers DESERVE to be eaten on the good dishes!