Helloooooo Gorgeous!

So today it was finally time.  Do y’all know that the last time I had my hair done was April?  APRIL.  I haven’t TOUCHED my hair since then.  It’s gross.

Before shot

Notice the 5 inch roots? The brassy tones? The general scraggliness of the whole look???

And because I’m shameless, I even took a close up of roots for you.


Can y’all BELIEVE all the grey??? How is that possible?

Well today, I was off to the BEST SALON EVER.  Hello Gorgeous.  Why are they the best?  Aside from the obvious amazing staff, great ambiance, and laid back attitude, when they answer the phone, they say, “Hello Gorgeous!”  It’s like THEY KNOW YOU!  ALL phone calls should start like that.


This was halfway there…

We did everything.  A couple of AMAZING colours, AMAZING layers, general AMAZINGNESS.

The after shots don’t do the colour justice.  It’s fabulous.  I recommend you just come over and see it for yourself.  Please bring food.

after shot

Look! The colour starts at the roots and goes all the way to the tips! PERFECTION!

So now I feel ready.  This baby can come.  I’m not MORTIFIED to have my picture taken.

WHOA…wait.  I don’t actually mean that the baby should come.  I’m NOT READY!!!  I haven’t done ANYTHING yet!  Can someone please come over and make my house perfect?  I haven’t gotten that rush of nesting energy that people keep talking about.  The only energy I have is napping and eating energy.

Maybe tomorrow.

The rest of today will be spent making Baked Potato Soup because it’s cold, wet, rainy hurricane weather and what if we BLOW AWAY???  This soup is SO THICK and crazy that that won’t be an issue.  And then tonight I predict some wildness, because Husbandio can pretend that he just met a hot new redhead!

Stay warm, kittens!