The Weekly Wrap Up

Well kittens, we made it.  It’s Friday!  Did y’all know that this weekend is a SUPER LONG weekend for me?  My beautiful Russian friend from Denmark by way of Japan by way of London by way of Kenya by way of EVERYWHERE is coming to stay for a few days and there will be dance parties and gossip and snuggling and pedicures and LOVE!

Ahhhhhhhh…I have the best, most beautiful friends on the planet.

Today is also exciting because they are delivering our BIRTH TUB today!

birth tub in a box

This is where Bob Marley will be born!
(photo from

I’m so so SO intensely excited for the birth that I can’t even BEGIN to express it.  I can’t wait for ALL of it!

I can’t wait for that moment of that day when I realize that I’m in labour.  I can’t wait to roll with the contractions and just let my body do its thing.  I can’t wait for the midwives to arrive and share their midwifey energy.  I can’t wait for the photographer to magically make me look happy and peaceful and beautifully pregnant instead of just fat and sweaty (it will happen, damn it!)  I can’t wait for the baby to glide out perfectly into the water, and I hope with all my heart that I can catch him!  I can’t wait to watch Husbandio see his son for the first time.

I can’t wait to snuggle that little boy close to my chest and kiss the top of his fresh little head.  I can’t wait to have his tiny fingers curl around mine, and feel how strong he is.  I can’t wait feed him and just listen to that beautiful newborn slurping sound.  I can’t wait to watch him drift off to sleep because being born is HARD WORK and he’s tired.

I can’t wait for the first glass of champagne to toast a job well done.  I can’t wait to make the announcement and tell everyone how much more perfect our perfect lives just became.  I can’t wait for The Tornado to meet her brother for the first time, and I really really really hope that she just loves him.  Because they’re together for the long haul.

I can’t wait for it all.  And while I try never to wish my life away, I kind of wish I could enjoy this weekend and then fast forward a week or two until showtime, because pregnancy carpal tunnel is NO JOKE and I’m sore and tired and I just want to get this party started.

Happy weekend, kittens.  Don’t forget to dance!