Shaking What My Momma Gave Me

Kittens, this was originally going to be a VERY different posts.  Last night was the night from hell and my twee youngster would NOT sleep on her own and my amazing Husbandio was having NO TROUBLE sleeping on his own, which left yours truly to play musical beds.  All.  Bloody.  Night.  Not cool.

Thankfully, I had today off work and managed to get my little ball of…um…sunshine to daycare and I had an hour or so to kill with some coffee and a bagel before I had to shower and haul my sweet patootie over to see the midwife.

I didn’t think I was going to make it.

If you could see me now (you’ll NEVER see me like this, kittens, I have some pride) you’d understand exhaustion.  There is no amount of makeup or sunshine that is going to make THIS look better.  It’s just not happening.  The shower just about killed me.  That’s a lot of standing up and do you know what’s really hard when you’re a thousand months pregnant?  Shaving.  I swear, there are days that I wish I could be a little bit more gross and accept the theory of “If I can’t see it, hair doesn’t grow there,” but I just can’t.  And so instead, I maneuver my way around my belly and shave by feel.  Sooooooooooo much fun.  Husbandio, you’re welcome.

But then, as always when your life is the best life, things got better.  My visit with the midwife was magical as always.  The baby is perfect, measuring a teeny bit ahead, and all signs point to everything going smoothly.  And now we’re at the point where I have weekly visits, so shit is getting REAL!  I love it.

After seeing my midwife, I was off for a massage which was AMAZING.  I was back with trusty Ivy, who doesn’t treat pregnant women like we’re made of spun sugar and she beat the crap out of my back and arms.  In a very wonderful, loving way.  If “loving” is latin for “effing sadistic.”  But now I feel loose and limber and amazing.

I got home and knew that if I were to keep this mood high, music was required.

I don’t know what it is about this song, but it always leaves me covered  in euphoric goosebumps and I can’t help but sing it as loud as I can with my head thrown back and I always, always smile.  It’s just how it happens.  So it went on repeat, and now my kitchen is a little cleaner, my living room doesn’t look like a two-year old decorated it, and I even made Rice Krispie treats.

rice krispie treats

This is what it looks like when I make Rice Krispie treats

It’s going to be ok, you guys.  I’ll eventually get some sleep, and until then I’m just gonna have a spontaneous kitchen dance party.  So wherever you are, SHAKE IT OUT!!!