Things are Going to Get Wild Up In Here

Last night, I had what may be one of my favorite conversations ever with Husbandio.

In the interest of full disclosure, that is a complete lie.  It would be impossible to choose a favorite conversation with Husbandio because he is made out of funniness and charm and insanity and joy and HOW DO YOU CHOOSE JUST ONE????


I’m running out of photos that conceal his secret identity…but how do you NOT love this Bucket-Blanket-Warrior-Guy?

Husbandio decided that since we are SO SO SO close to having a baby, we I should probably get my shit together and compile a list of important phone numbers and supplies needed for the glorious occasion.

While I was frantically scribbling our birth photographers mobile number onto our white board, I stopped suddenly as an even MORE important thought hit me.

“Husbandio,” I almost whispered with great intensity, “if the labour goes for too long, YOU may have to write a post or two for the blog.”

Apparently, that was all the prompting my amazing man needed.  He IMMEDIATELY started to compose an EPIC post that left me with tears running down my face, desperately clutching my midsection and hoping that I wouldn’t make the peepee in my pants right there in the kitchen.

You guys should start hoping for a long, drawn-out labour for poor, poor me, because you would be in for a treat.  A TREAT, I tell you!  He would have to make it a video blog for you to fully appreciate his, um, skills.

As much as this post was to be a teaser for y’all, it was really MORE for me to tell the world how lucky I am to have married the funniest person I know.  You can’t put a price on that kind of good fortune.

Happy Friday, kittens!  I wish each and every one of you a weekend full of laughter that makes you make the peepee.