Oooooo…I’m SO SO SO excited!  Do you know what I love more than anything?  LITTLE FOOD.  Ok.  And my family.  And Banoffee.  Listen, you guys, this blog is about my Best Life.  It’s safe to say that I love EVERYTHING in here more than anything.

Now back to little food.  I adore food that you can eat with your fingers.  I LOVE hors d’oeuvres.  I love food on sticks.  I love mini-anything.  But most of all, I LOVE BALLS.

Yikes.  Do NOT do an image search of that at work.  You will NOT be made Employee of the Month.

So yesterday, I was talking to one of my favorite people on the whole planet.  We got on the topic of the labour that will be happening sometime in the next few weeks, and she mentioned Energy Balls.  Energy Balls?  Yes.  Energy Balls.

I’ve given a bit of thought to what I wanted to have on hand while I was in labour, and I figured I’d stock up on Larabars and freezies and bananas and stuff like that.  Well, the lovely Miss Krista BLEW my Larabars right out of the very expensive water in which they lived.


(photo from

Aren’t they perfect?  Don’t they look delicious?  Don’t you want a mouthful of balls RIGHT NOW?


I can’t wait to wrap my lips around these balls!
(again, picture from

There are lots of different recipes out there for the balls, and I’m sure that I’ll end up with my very own Best Life Best Ball Hybrid, which y’all will hear about in great detail, but for the most part, the balls are made of some flakes, some seeds, some fruit, and something to stick it all together.  They’re like a small handful of zoomzoomzoom and joy, just WAITING to fill you full of yay!  My inner hippie is doing a happy dance already!

Truly, I wish that I could condense ALL my meals into balls.  Breakfast balls, lunch balls, dinner balls…well, maybe not dinner balls.  I don’t want steak balls, that’s just weird.  Oh wait – I guess it’s not that weird, because meat balls exist already.  Hmmm…maybe I’m on to something here.  ALL BALLS ALL THE TIME!

What do you think?  What would YOU like to see in ball form?  If you were pushing out a baby, what would be in your Energy Ball?