Mother Knows Best

I woke up feeling blue.  There was no real reason for it, but every time I blinked, I felt like there were tears behind my eyelids.

My sweet little biscuit helped me a little bit.  It’s like she knew that today was not the day to make mommy struggle.  I was blessed with all kinds of snuggly hugs and kisses, and there were no big tantrums to deal with.

But still, the blues held on.

I was driving to work and my phone rang.  My phone very rarely rings in the morning, so I was very surprised to hear my mommy saying hello.


Of course the best life would have the best mom!

There was nothing wrong and no emergencies, we just got to have a nice chat for a few minutes while both of us drove to our respective jobs.

It was completely therapeutic.

Do you guys know that my mom calls me every Friday and sings me a song that she makes up every week about how much she loves Friday and weekends and Zofia and me?  True story.


The best kid gets the best grandmother

My mom and I have spent a lot of time over the last 34 years making each other crazy, but somehow, at the end of the day, we’re still madly in love.


If you think I’M excited about life, you should spend a few minutes with my mommy!

So thanks, mommy, for knowing that I needed a phone call this morning.  I hope that one day, I’ll turn your morning around, too.