Grateful to be Grateful

Today is almost overwhelmingly busy.  I had an extra long weekend, and came back just in time to process everything on the planet for our month-end.  You know what this means, kittens…it’s time to take a breath and be grateful.

I’m grateful for having had the ability to take an extra long weekend to work, play, rest, and watch some Community.


I’m ten episodes in and I just want to hide out from the world with some ice cream and Netflix!
(photo from

I’m grateful for being the proud owner of the most amazing little girl on the whole planet.  I never thought that a two year old could actually make me laugh.  Not just at her but with her!  Mostly.  But I laugh at her a lot, too.  I can’t help it.


Look at this face – it could have gone either way!

I’m grateful that it’s my mother-in-law’s birthday today and we’re amazingly lucky enough to have a house that can host the family, and a family understanding enough to realize that it will be far too late to cook so let’s get take out.  YAY!

I’m grateful for whatever chemical balance (or lack thereof) in my brain lets me focus on how exciting life is right now, rather than dwell on all the scary stuff.  Because kittens, life will ALWAYS have scary moments and there are ALWAYS monsters in the closet, but if you focus on the light and fill your brain with thank yous, every little thing’s gonna be alright.  Three little birds told me so.