Never Listen to Anybody

This weekend could nicely be summed up in two words: soup and arson.  The “and” was just joining the two actual words, so it totally doesn’t count.  Don’t get all technical on me.

The soup was an AMAZING minestrone that I made, loosely following a recipe that I found because I had extra crushed tomatoes to use up.  Saturday was a gloomy, chilly day that lent itself perfectly to a warm, hearty soup full of SO MANY veggies and some chili flakes for extra heat.  I know, it hardly seems blog-worthy, but it was AMAZING soup that tasted just like REAL soup!  It felt very accomplishy.

The arson came into play at a fantastic birthday party we went to on Saturday night.

chinese lanterns

Ok…so our party only had thirty of these…it was still super pretty!
(photo from

We lit off thirty of these crazy flying lanterns in a parking lot and people in our tiny Victorian village were LOVING it!  One guy almost drove off the road trying to get video of it.  UFO sightings were at an all time high.  And then we came home with vibrating cock-rings and penis rape whistles.  All in all a very successful party, yes?  YES!

Now that you’re up-to-date on my weekend, I bring you to the meat of the post.  Never listen to anybody.

I had a very productive day planned.  I have a breezeway that desperately needs to be cleaned.  I have a kitchen that has been VERY USED and NOT VERY tidied for the past few days.  I have a fetus who has a very cluttered living space awaiting his arrival.  All things that require somewhat immediate attention.

But “take it a little bit easy” says Husbandio.  “Watch two movies after you’ve dropped Zofia off so that you at least get some downtime.”

“OMG Community,” says Amber…And OMG Community is RIGHT!  I found it on Netflix and there are over 70 episodes there and I’m just about to start the second one and I don’t want to stop!

So now, kittens, I’m at a crossroads.  Do I make some more cinnamon raisin toast and finish off this pot of tea while trying to cram in twenty or so episodes of Community, or do I do the responsible thing and take two steps back, turn and run?

Not a rhetorical question, people.  I honestly just sat here for like three minutes trying to decide what my answer was. Help a sister out!

And to think…until I turned on the TV, my post today was going to regale you all with tales of how a former vegan totally prepared a brilliant butter chicken dinner on Friday.  See what y’all are missing out on???