Breezes and Baking

Looking back on my many many many days on Earth, I think that my happiest days are always ones that rack up a lot of kitchen time.

I just tried to do a Google image search to show you what my dream kitchen would look like. but I’m having trouble finding one.  I know it would be big and rustic and bright, and there would be an island and a gas range and a double oven and one of those big farm sinks.  You’d think with all the stuff I have on Pinterest I’d be able to find something, but my dream kitchen is a mix of LOTS of people’s dream kitchen.

red fridge

But here is my dream fridge. OMG!
Click on the image for the link to the page

This weekend was totally a dreamy kitchen weekend.  Husbandio worked all weekend, so The Toddler Tornado and I baked banana bread and ate lots of fruit and colored and did LOTS of stuff in the comfort of our kitchen.  All the windows in the house were open and there was a fresh breeze mixed in with the smells of warm oven-y goodness.  It’s what I imagine happiness must smell like.

Sunday morning, I was texting with a friend at an ungodly early hour, and we decided that since we were both up (and hungry) and both of our men were working, she would come over to our place and I would make us breakfast.

I LOVE breakfast parties!

I was putting a fresh banana bread into the oven just as she walked into the kitchen, and we chatted while I made us some deliciously perfect spinach and cheese omelets.

spinach omelet

Yummy! I always feel fancy when I pull off a perfect omelet.

It was a great start to the day and it made me feel all warm and nest-y and domesticated.

If you knew me at all about four years ago, you’d be HOWLING right now.  Warm, nest-y and domesticated are a million percent the OPPOSITE of anything I ever thought I wanted.  Isn’t it funny how the Universe just steps in and shows you how much more there is to you?

Now as I’m closing in on my due date, I envision the next year full of days like this.  Days spent with the warm afternoon sun streaming into a kitchen full of love.  Lots of activity, all centered around the heart of the house.

And this:

Can you even imagine being bathed like that?  It makes me love life even more.

And so starts the week, kittens.  Full of happiness and optimism.  Because my life is the best life, that’s why.