My Hips Don’t Lie

I totally get what Shakira was talking about.  Hips REALLY don’t lie.

Today my life is most OBVIOUSLY the best life due to a glorious hour of blissful prenatal massage.  Did you know that they had pillows ESPECIALLY for pregnant women?  They have holes for your taataas and your belly and everything!

prenatal massage pillow

See? You just put tab “a” into slot “b”
(picture from

I haven’t been able to sleep for weeks.  My hips THROB.  And right now?  Not so much.  I’m in heaven.

This afternoon I’m seeing my midwife, and I had planned to do a bunch of stuff between now and then, but you know what I’m going to do instead?  Nothing.  Maybe watch an episode of Breaking Bad.  Because remember, kittens, I’m creating life.  I need to preserve my strength.

Oooooo…and guess what my massage therapist told me.  When I go into labour, if she’s not booked, she’ll come and massage me through the delivery.  Because see?  The best life.