Showing too much skin? Baaaaaa…

This weekend was SO FULL of best lifedness!!!  I don’t think that anything in your life really prepares you for the awesomeness of spending time with a toddler.  Back in my single days, about a million years ago, I didn’t like kids.  Seriously.  I thought they smelled funny and had no common sense.  Why bother with them until they’re old enough to be human, right?


toddler, farm

Doesn’t this make you want to move to the country?

On Sunday morning, Husbandio was hard at work making our house look beautiful from the outside, so I snatched up the Toddler Tornado and we went to have an adventure!

Me: Zofers…guess what?  We’re going on an ADVENTURE!

Toddler Tornado: Park?

Me: BETTER than the park!

TT: Dora?

ME: No no no..better than Dora AND the park!

TT: No mommy…Park.

ME: We’re going to the FARM!


So as soon as we got all the screaming and crying for depriving my little weather system of her precious PARK time out of the way, we were OFF TO THE FARM!  My inner hippie was very excited

The farm is just down the street from our house, and it’s lovely!  They have a big apple orchard where you can pick fruit if your child is motivated for such things, but we skipped that and went straight for the play area/mini-zoo.

We talked to the bunnies and chickens (buck buck, mommy!) and goats, and when I told my sweet child that her booby was showing and the goats could see, she sweetened the deal for them.

belly, goat


Then we climbed and swung and ran and pushed and pulled and slid and played and played and played and played until we were both over-heated and exhausted.


There was no shortage of sun that day!

We left the animals and hay and meandered our way to the bakery/produce shop and picked out some beautiful apples and treated ourselves to some ice cream.  We each got our VERY OWN cone!

Because we’re big girls, now.

Then we were homeward bound, full of sunshine, ice cream, and summer funness.

So you see, gentle readers, I was wrong about kids.  I mean, they can still smell funny, but don’t underestimate how awesome they are.

My kid is the best kid, and I remain the luckiest girl in the Universe.