Feel Sorry for Bob Friday

Poor, poor Bob Marley.  He lives in my belly, but has very little say on what happens around him.  Usually, things are relatively calm.  Food and water are readily supplied, rest is taken when needed, he gets rubbed a lot…what more could a little fetus ask for, right?

Well, some days aren’t quite so easy for my little parasite.

This morning, I woke up from my first good night’s sleep in weeks.  “Ahhhhh,” I thought to myself, “THIS is what being well-rested feels like!”

In checking my Facebook news feed, I saw that a friend had posted a crazy auto-tuned mix of his daughter that was SO awesome and SO catchy, that it totally set the mood for my day.  This is when bad things started happening for Bob Marley.

Firstly, he was used as a billboard.

bob marley

Awww…his first crush!

Not too bad, as far as abuse goes, right?  Right.  Besides, I had been promising Nikki a belly shout out since Zofia was a resident there.  But that wasn’t the end.  Fast forward to the drive to work.  (please note that I can’t see any of these videos on my work computer, so I’m just hoping they are what they say they are…)

Yup.  That happened.

So did that.

And it went ON and ON and ON.  And not only was he subjected to mommy’s questionable taste in music (at TOP TOP TOP volume, I may add) but he was also subjected to hearing it belted out in mommy’s questionable singing voice.  Also at TOP TOP TOP volume.

With no hope of escape.

So there you have it, kittens.  The plight of poor, poor Bob Marley thus far today.  Exploited for his cute roundness and billboard-ability.  Subjected to far too much dance music for any morning ever.  Sometimes even jumped on by his weather-system of a sister.  And he’s not even out yet.

Don’t feel too bad for him, though.  He’ll be out soon enough and I’m sure he’ll be doted on and loved more than any other little boy has been loved in the history of the world.

Bob Marley

Of course it will.
(Picture from kaboodle.com)