Theoretical Thursday: The Best Life Gets Scientific

Listening to the radio this morning, I heard about a study that was reported in New Scientist magazine saying that semen made women happy.

Exhibit A, my friends

Apparently, they divided groups of women according to how often their partners used condoms.  Women who’s partners NEVER used condoms saw the world through rose coloured glasses and lived in a perpetual state of rainbow glittery joy, and women who’s partners ALWAYS used condoms would cut to feel.

Everyone seems to agree with the results of the study, which I can’t dispute, but did anyone ever stop to think about other possible reasons for this?  Am I the only person who HATES condoms?  Of COURSE I’m happier when my partner isn’t using one – they’re AWFUL!  They feel funny, they smell funny, they sound funny…they just plain SUCK*.

*disclaimer: you should always use one or else you’ll get knocked up and/or syphilis.

Yesterday, I did a scientific study and the results were a million percent indisputable.  Pedicures make women happy.

5 out of 5 toes on this foot LOVE THIS COLOUR

100% of the women in this study (ok, it was just me, but I know that y’all are with me) felt a jillion times better when their feet were being pampered.  YOU CAN’T ARGUE WITH SCIENCE!

If you were a scientist, what would you spend your time testing?