Wildly Random Wednesday

I went to bed kind of glum last night, but all has been magically transformed!  This morning has been so full of excitement!

  • The Toddler Tornado slept the whole night in her own bed, so I’ll let your imaginations fill in the blanks regarding how my morning started.  (clue: it was very sexy)
  • I checked my email this morning and had received a response to an idea I had last night about something super exciting.  WATCH THIS SPACE!
  • My sweet friend Emily started blogging today and I can’t wait to see what she’ll be sharing
  • I found the BEST flavour at Booster Juice.  HELLLLOOOOOO MEAN MOCHA!!!  I love you.

See what I mean?  Totally exciting.  So now we know that today will be amazing.  Even though the delicious Booster Juice was consumed with one of their wraps which will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN because it was completely vomitous.  Like, I couldn’t even finish it.  STAY AWAY FROM THEIR WRAPS.   Consider that my PSA for today.

But let’s look at a couple of reasons that yesterday wasn’t all bad.

1. Threading.  There are few things that I hate more than unruly eyebrows, and I swear mine were getting side burns.  Luckily, just down the street from the office, there is a lovely little place that will thread you for $5.  You can’t beat that!

See the precision? No eyebrow side burns here!
(Picture from divinecaroline.com)

2. Finding things that remind me of people.  Do you guys know Yoona?  She’s funny and she hates mandals.  So imagine my glee when I found these.

Right? NO ONE should own these ever. Picture from tumblr.com

I know, it’s all random, but in all fairness I warned you about that in my title.  Not EVERY DAY can be super cohesive and full of comedic gold.

Go forth and have splendid days, kittens!  Dance spontaneously and laugh with your head thrown back.  But remember, don’t eat wraps from Booster Juice.