My Husbandio is the Best Husbandio

Since the weekend, I’ve been seeing something odd in Offspring’s room.  I kept meaning to ask Husbandio about it, but by the time I would get down the hall, it had fallen out of my head.

Finally, last night, I remembered about this long enough to casually ask Husbandio if he had been playing with dolls lately.

Strategically-Posed Barbie has daddy issues…

He immediately dissolved into very macho giggles, which pretty much answered my question.

Laughter is a big part of my day, and I think that if I had married someone who didn’t leave naughty, naughty Barbies around the house for me to come across stumble upon, life would be sad and empty.

What makes you laugh all day?

In other, but no-less-sexy, news, today is my half birthday!!!  I sense MUCH celebrating about to occur!  Champagne and bonbons and long, exquisite massages!  (Husbandio, are you seeing this???)  Will you be celebrating with me?  Tell me the BEST THING that you’re going to do today!