I had loosely planned to implement a Muffin Monday weekly post, but in the face of impending dietary changes, how about Mmmmonday?  That leaves it open to a wide variety of deliciosities.

To all of you that don’t have gestational diabetes, I hate you.  NO NO NO…that’s not true.  I totally wish you a lifetime of proper insulin balance.  To those of you who think you might have gestational diabetes and need one last final delicious sugary treat, or if you’re about to go on Atkins or something, I bring you SUPER TASTY MUFFINS!

I was introduced to these muffins by the devil herself.  “Just trrryyyyyy them,” she taunted me, “what could possibly go wrong?”

How about a massive muffin addiction, huh?  HOW ABOUT THAT?

So the first evil batch comes out of the oven…

See? Golden balls of deliciosity. BALLS!

We sampled a couple.  Just let the warm sugary goodness melt over our tongues.  It was love at first mouthful (if I had a dollar for every time I’ve said that…)

The recipe makes 24 mini muffins, which safely got us through Saturday night.  BUT YOU GUYS, the weekend is TWO days long.  So in went batch number two.

Insulin be damned, I want this every day!

Batch number two is pretty much gone now.  I’m sitting at my desk, having a bunch a very small amount of them for breakfast and waiting for my phone to ring with the dreaded test results.  Tune in next week for the Mmmmonday post featuring 46 new ways to prepare cucumber slices.