SMILE! – The Universe is Watching

Here’s a little incredibly well known fact about me: I have exactly two expressions that show up in every photograph ever taken of me.

1. Crazy smile

2. Kissy face

This one even has crazy eyes to go with the crazy smile

happy happy happy


This is going somewhere, I promise.

On my drive to work, I was thinking about all kinds of super intelligent, very important things.  As I do every day.  Because I’m incredibly cerebral.  Mostly, I was just looking at the gloomy clouds and starting to dread the day a little bit.

And then it happened.  That day-altering moment where you have a thought that sets the course for your day.

I’ve recently been trying to book a birth photographer.  Crazy, right?  Pictures of having a baby?  But that’s not the point.  The point is that I’ve been emailing with a couple of different photographers and the last exchange I had with this woman left a HUGE impression on me.

We were booking a time for a consultation and when she said she was looking forward to meeting me, she followed that statement by saying “I’m so excited, truth be told!”

I know it’s a small thing, but it’s ENTHUSIASM.  You could feel her smile in her words.  I immediately pictured her in our home for the birth and it felt good and right.  I wanted her there.

Remembering that exchange completely shifted my mood.  I began to look forward to the rest of my day and I felt myself starting to smile.  I shifted away from the gloomier, introspective music on my playlist and put on something more upbeat.  My day changed.

The world is a great big place full of all kinds of people.  You never know if someone is going to be a fast friend or a total douchebag.  You can’t tell if someone hates your hair or is just having a bad day.  Life can be scary – but smile.  Give people a chance to want to know who you are.

I’ve know many people in my life who are incredibly negative and pessimistic about everything.  These people always seem to be surrounded by a big black cloud of misery and terrible things happen to them all the time.  Coincidence?  I think not.

You get what you give, kittens.  Like attracts like.  Sure, nobody’s life is perfect.  But it’s when you start to dwell on the crap that it starts to really pile up.

Smile, kittens, and the world smiles with you.  Or at least I will.  Because I’m always the girl with the crazy smile, trusting that good things will happen.

And they do.