Be it ever so humble…

…there’s no place like home!!!

I’m back, kittens, and I missed you all terribly!  ESPECIALLY YOU!  Vacation is wonderful and restful and much needed, but there is no feeling in the world like driving into your own driveway and walking into your own home.


I suck at vacation photography, so you only get these few little snippets.  Ready?

The view from our patio. Note the jaunty blue toes I’m sporting.

A rare moment of almost quiteness when the offspring attempted to feed the goggy a chip

SOMEBODY really liked our private little beachfront.

I know.  You expected more from me.  Well, kittens, shame on you!  I was vacationing…I need to travel with paparazzi to fully capture the bestness of my best life at all times.

As I hinted in my title, HOME is where my heart is.  I probably spent the first four hours that we were home with full-on CRAZY EYES, just trying to stare at as much of my beautiful home as possible.  I love it all!  I love the walls, I love the squeaky floors, I love sitting on our comfortable furniture, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE 2-ply toilet paper.

I had no IDEA how much I loved 2-ply toilet paper.

I love our shower, I love that the only child in our house is the one that belongs to us, I love our mattresses and I LOVE LOVE LOVE our coffee cups.

These cups have the power to turn a regular cup of coffee into a religious experience.

I love my beautiful, wonderful, super smart daughter.  I love that my husband and I, while we have differences (of course silly…EVERYONE does) generally actually LIKE each other along with loving each other.  You know that’s important, right?  To like each other?  It is.  Don’t marry anyone that you don’t like.  Marry someone with whom you share a mutual respect and a whole lot of physical attraction, because that is important, too.

I love that we ate all the bbq on the planet all week, and now I EXTRA love that this Wednesday is VEGGIE BOX DAY!  Because I’m dying, guys.  I’ve over-meated.  I need to get some green in me, STAT!

I’m home.  I’m happy.  I’m back at work today and kicking so much ass.  GO ON VACATION, kittens!  And then come home and love the shit out of your life.  Because it’s THE BEST!