And exhale…

Here we are…one of my favorite times EVER.  The start of a new month.  Doesn’t that sound so full of hope?  So full of promise?  The only time that the start of a month is even better than today is when it falls on a Monday.  The start of a new month AND week???  My neurotic need for an eternal fresh start JUMPS FOR JOY!

But I digress.  Back to today.  The start of a new month always makes me want to bring order to my life.  To start new projects.  To improve on my flaws.

I know.  I have flaws.  I was shocked, too.  I’ll give you a minute to recover.


How about now?  OK, good.  Moving on.  Let’s make a list.  I LOVE LISTS!  I’m thinking about having a weekly list on the blog, so if you have any suggestions for fun lists, please comment.

So today’s list is a NEW MONTH list!  A list of amazing things that will make the best life even bester.

1. Food – This one manages to make it onto every list ever.  But this time I MEAN it.  Now, we’re going cottaging for a week (YAYAYAYAYAY!) on Friday so I’m not asking for miracles.  This is not the month that will see AMAZING strides in nutritional fabulosity.  But let’s commit to eating proper meals with only healthy snacks in between.  Veggies yes, Sour Patch Kids no.

2. Exercise – This is HAUNTING me right now.  Because I feel like this:

This little piggy ate EVERYTHING and never moved ever.

I do nothing.  Seriously nothing.  The closest I get to exercise is the 2km round trip I take to pick up Zofia from daycare every day (that’s about 1.3 miles for my American friends.)  So pathetic.  We even have a beautiful elliptical machine sitting in our basement!  But pregnancy is honestly starting to kick my butt and I’m short of breath all the time and excuse excuse excuse blah blah blah blah.  I know.  So let’s have  a little goal for the month.  Fifteen extra minutes a day.  Just 15 quick minutes on the elliptical, every day for a month.  Except next week.  When I’ll be at the cottage and guaranteed to be doing stuff every day anyway. And then eventually I’ll do an ultra marathon, right?

3. Brain – With a Toddler Tornado and an amazing Husbandio around, it has become very easy to neglect my reading.  I used to DEVOUR books.  Lately, not so much.  But right now I have two books at home that I would like to read, so let’s make that a goal.  Two books in August.  Surely I can make time for that, yes?  YES!

4. Organization – I feel like I have too much clutter in my life right now.  Visual clutter makes me a little squirrely, so let’s get rid of it.  This month I will organize my closet AND Zofia’s closet.

5. Blogging – This is new to me.  Very new.  So I think I’ll take my week at the cottage to really think about what I want out of this and how I want this blog to look.  What would you guys like to see?  Does anyone have any wonderful suggestions?

6. My tribe – I LOVE MY TRIBE!  And I will spend the month making sure they know it.