You say you want a revolution

I feel like I need some structure.  Thus far, my blog has been written kind of like this:

Evening time…dinner looks great!  Quick take a pic for tomorrow’s post!…driving into work…this song is AMAZING!  Let’s write about it.  Oooooohhhh…I love this lip gloss.  My public needs to know about it!  OH!  SOMETHING SHINY!

A little scattered, right?  RIGHT?  Right.

But guess what guys…today is NOT the day that I’m starting to organize anything.  Today is the last day of the month which means my busiest day at work which means the least available time to think about more important things like blogging.

It also means I need to feed my brain properly.

One of these things is not like the other

These were my food choices…can you guess what won?

I know.  I’m ashamed, too.

Seriously though…I have to WORK today, people.  Let’s meet back here tomorrow for something SUPER FUN*.



*I don’t know what it will be yet, but it will be SUPER FUN.