An Unexpected Blessing

I wasn’t really sure where today’s post was going to go.  The weekend was great, but nothing really out of the ordinary happened with the exception of a lot of Olympic watching.

Would I write about the state of meat at Casa del Anita?

Husbandio takes his steak very seriously

Do I write more about the offspring?

Foaming at the mouth and self-cannibalism…bath salts are nobody’s friend

These both would have been fine, until this morning.

This morning changed everything.

I was finished my shower (FINISHED, people…that part is important) and toweling off in the tub.  I looked down, and THERE. IT. WAS.

A bajillapede.

I’m not putting up a picture because AAAAAHHHHHH and EWWWW!!!! But it was there.  It was fast.  And it was IN THE SHOWER WITH ME.

First things first.  I grabbed the shower head, turned on the water to scalding temperature, and turned on the shower.  Forgetting that we have dual shower heads.

So then I was frantically trying to turn off the top shower head whilst never letting the monstrous bajillapede out of the direct stream of fiery hot water from the bottom one.  It slid down the drain and I kept going.  And going.  Because I DON’T KNOW IF WATER KILLS THEM.  But I’m fairly certain that they can’t survive FIERY water.

When I was fairly certain it was gone, I wrung the scalding water out of my towel and took a beat to think about where the f@ck that thing came from.  We have sliding glass doors on our shower.  This means that it must have been there the WHOLE TIME.

I showered with a bajillapede.

So today, kittens, my life is the best life because I have instant access to super hot water and in about 15 weeks or so I’ll be able to drink again and then maybe I’ll be able to forget how dirty I feel right now.