Wanna Snuggle?

The fact that I saw this and kept driving is a testimony to what an amazing employee I am.

I took this picture out of the window of my car this morning as I was driving to work.  I didn’t want to have to Google “gloomy, rainy days.”

Wanna know a secret?  As I was looking out the car window, I almost turned around and called in sick.  But it’s month end, I don’t have any sick days left I’m a good employee and would never do that.

Look at that picture.  Is today not TOTALLY the day that you put on your pearls, make a pot of tea, and bring out all the ladies?  You know…the ladies.  Ani, Tori, Chantal, Sarah, Christina, Florence, Etta, Ella…the ladies.  You make yourself comfortable, let them play, and you grab a spiral-bound notebook and a fine-tipped black felt pen, and you write stories about the color of your angst.  You doodle spirals and stars and hearts and skulls in the margins.  You get up and make another pot of tea.

Today is a day to contemplate life.  The Universe.  Your purpose.  You might look at your budget.  You might flip through some cookbooks.  But you’re not really paying attention.  Today is a day to just be.  Just you, the tea, the ladies, and your thoughts.

So if you see me today, you’ll think I’m at work…plugging away at numbers and making things work…but guess what?  I’m not really here.  I’m on my couch, wrapped up in a super luxurious blanket, quietly humming old songs while I write and write and write.  Because my mind knows where it belongs.