Ask and you shall receive

The Universe is super smart.  I really truly believe that with all my heart.  Sure, things aren’t always easy, but they’re never harder than you can handle.  And just when you’re about to break – BAM!  The Universe fixes things.

I was starting to crack.  No sleep makes mommy kill-kill-killy.  I was starting to get what a dear friend so nicely referred to as a “prison twitch.”  Thanks, Em.  Your pointing and laughing at me is always helpful.

Last night, we weren’t in any rush to start the bedtime routine.  The Toddler Tornado was full of bouncing and giggles and I wasn’t about to try to restrain her.  I swear…if we could harness her energy, people wouldn’t bother trying for cold fusion anymore… So, as with any other major weather system, we just let her run her course.  And then bedtime, while being a little later and still not TOTALLY easy, was less gray-hair-inducing than it has been all week.

And she slept IN HER OWN BED until 4:30.

When she finally made it into our bed, she was just soft and warm and snuggly, and we wrapped ourselves around each other and snoozed like that for a bit before I had to get up to start my day.

When I went to get dressed, she was still asleep.

How can you EVER get mad at this face???

When I tried to wake her, she just half opened one eye, said “sleeping” and put her head down again.  That’s my girl!

So you see, kittens, the Universe will step in when it needs to.  So for now, I’m back to my usual charming and delightful self.  Enjoy me while you can!