I Can Sleep When I’m Dead – It Should Be Any Minute Now

This is what I would like to see.

See that little angel on my shoulder?  That’s my sleeping baby.  I barely recognize her like this because SHE DOESN’T SLEEP ANYMORE.

And guess what that means.  EITHER DO I.

Sorry.  I didn’t mean to yell.  I’m just so. tired.  The Tornado used to be a great sleeper.  I would put her down in her bed, her adorable little eyes would close, and she would drift off to sleep.  For the night.

But now bedtime looks more like this:

Granted, that video is a little old, but it captures the spirit of what happens when 7 o’clock approaches.  I’m running out of ideas as I’m running out of energy.  What to do?  Tranquilizers?  Restraints?  Hypnotism?  Help me out here, people!

And then once we FINALLY get her to sleep, she sleeps for a couple of hours and then wakes up and crawls into bed with us.  WHY????  I mean, at least she gives us a couple of hours so we get to have a bit of very important grown-up time in bed.  That must be a self-preservation thing.  I’m cranky enough when I’m tired…IMAGINE if I was boombada-deprived, too?  OH THE HORROR!

It’s a phase, right?  All toddlers go through it?  They grow out of it?  They must!  It’s not like grown men and women still sleep with their mommies…right?  So we just wait?  NO!  There HAS to be a better way.  What are your tricks, faithful readers?  How do I keep this adorable little monster in her own bed for the night?  WE ALL NEED SLEEEEEEEEP!