It Takes a Village

My tribe is beautiful. Just sayin’.

A wonderful and very smart friend recently linked me to an article about women and how we need each other.  This is so true that it’s killing me softly and I’m crushed a little bit by how far away my tribe is.

I’ve been fairly selective in my choice of an inner circle.  I’ve also moved around a bit for the past several years.  This has left me in a position where I have a beautiful and diverse tribe with women who are mind-shatteringly amazing, but they’re all far away.  From Calgary to Nelson to Denmark to the US to England…I love them all dearly, but sometimes I really really really feel the distance.

But this isn’t meant to be a mopey post about how I miss my girls.  I sang along with Florence + The Machine this morning and we’re shaking it off and this is to remind me to tell them all I love them (I LOVE YOU!)

More Also importantly, this is my welcome post to all new members of the tribe.  I’m slowly but surely building a little tribe again.  Some of it in person with some wonderful women who live close by, some of it virtual with some amazing women whom I have yet to meet.  But the tribe is growing and you guys, it’s beautiful.  BEAUTIFUL.  Because as much as we love our men, we need our women.