Let’s Hit the Road

Let’s put the top down and the music up!


Another beautiful drive in, kittens.  This time I’m convinced it’s brought to us by nude lip gloss and big sunglasses.

I think that being pregnant has made driving WAY more important.  When you’re sitting in your car, belting out tunes at the top of your lungs, no one can tell that you have a giant belly and are living in a state of forced sobriety.  In that moment, you could be back at some great music festival, wearing a little jean skirt and a tank top, laughing and dancing so hard that you spill beer on your flip flops.  In the car, it’s all possible!  You KNOW you sound great because no one can tell you otherwise.  The sunglasses hide all the sleep that has been stolen from you by the Toddler Tornado and no one knows that you totally didn’t put any concealer on this morning.

And nude lip gloss is just awesome, guys.  Trust me on this one.

My beautiful friend, Val, recently had a baby.  When she was deep deep in the throes of her pregnancy, she showed me the sexy dance she did for her husband.  She could barely keep in her laughter as she shimmied around, all flailing arms and legs, big belly swaying back and forth.  At the time, I though, “oh lord…OH LORD!” and now, kittens, that’s me.  Big belly and all.  Oh lord.

Except when I’m in the car.  Then the sun is shining, I’m totally in the zone, and my car is my own personal music festival.  And to the drivers beside me…you’re welcome.