Life as we know it

It’s nutty and delicious, just like you!

Is it weird to start a post about life with a picture of the quinoa I made last night?  NO!  Because quinoa is a delicious, life affirming food and a perfect example of how easy it is to take life by the horns.

I spent all last week feeling kind of sluggish.  Bloaty, lumpy, and (sit down for this one – you’ll be shocked) irritable.  I get that we all have off weeks, but I think that more often than not, off weeks are preventable.  I refuse to believe that we have no control over our emotions.

So this week is going to be different.  And it WILL be different, because I say so.  I’m filling myself with delicious and nutritious food, and I’m being good to me.

Is it stinkin’ hot outside?  Yes.  Does that mean I should be stuck inside, air conditioned within in an inch of my life?  NO!  I have a beautiful, shady back yard that defies all attempt to over heat it.  Husbandio and I sat out there for a long while last night, just enjoying the fruits of our labours.  It’s important to take a second to breathe.

How can you be grumpy with Bob Marley in your belly?

I’m pregnant.  And I am one of those irritatingly lucky women who have AMAZING pregnancies!  No morning sickness, no awful symptoms, a fabulous glow, and totally just full of life.  Somehow, last week, I let my pregnancy get to me.  I felt myself using it as an excuse for stuff.  I didn’t want to move, I didn’t want to participate, I just wanted to lay down and let life happen around me.

As a wise woman recently told me, “You’re alive, prove it.”

Then the Universe, knowing that I love a partner in crime, sent me the best text message ever:

“I need your expertise.  I want to start a new lifestyle diet and exercise and be all fresh and clean.”

Ok, so it was my bestest friend on the planet who sent me that text, but we KNOW that the Universe helped her.  So here we are, kittens, ready to get clean and fabulous.  Get ready for long hair, good food, and amazing sunsets.  My inner hippie is doing her happy dance and it’s about to get real up in here.