True Love and Sad Realizations

So-Much-Spinach Omelet

Let’s start with the good.  The true love.  Kittens, I LOVE BREAKFAST.  Specifically, I love WEEKEND breakfast.  Bacon, eggs, yes yes YES!  Saturday, Husbandio was a wizard with the frying pan, making amazing bacon and eggs for the family, and Sunday it was my turn so I whipped up some spinach and broccoli omelet with bacon and cheeeeeese.  YUM.

If I could be at home every day, I would have magical breakfasts all the time.  And would also probably have to buy new pants every week.  So maybe it’s for the best that I’m far from bacon at least five days a week.

This leads us to my sad realization.  After last week’s bake-a-thon that resulted in all the muffins in the Universe, I think I’m done with gluten-y breakfasts.  I had a major case of the bloat all week, so much so that it was completely distinguishable from my big ol’ preggo belly.  Granted, I for sure went overboard with the muffiny deliciousness, but still.  I think that a little gluten time-out will do me good.

I think I’m going to go and get some grains to cook up in the evening and then bring to work to have with some fruit and/or yogurt.  What do you think?  Quinoa?  Amaranth?  Millet?  What’s your grain of choice?

Or alternately, what is your favorite work-day breakfast?  Inquiring minds want to know.