Mornings with Zofey

She loves the camera!

Husbandio made a KILLER dinner of mince curry sandwiches in the Snack Factory last night which was a strong contender for today’s post, but then I had a magical morning that blew those delicious little morsels away.

My morning are usually pretty routine.  Get up, shower, hook myself up to a coffee drip, stab myself in the eye with eyeliner, change a diaper, hustle Zofers into the truck, drop her at daycare, and off to work I go.  This morning, Husbandio needed the truck and I was left with the car seat-free car.  Hmmm…I guess we’re walking!

We still had the standard morning start, but then I got to see her little face light up when she realized we weren’t getting into any sort of vehicle.  She immediately started to chant her favorite word, “park park park park park,” but that stopped as soon as we passed the final gate.  That’s when the magic happened.

I wish I had my camera (which is my fancy word for “phone”) with me, because I seriously have the most adorable little girl on the planet.  She half walked, half skipped beside me the whole way, and her mouth NEVER. STOPPED.  She was SO FULL of stories this morning, you’d think that we hadn’t seen each other for weeks!  I guess it’s true what they say, girls say an average of 6334 words an hour and boys say 6.  Zofia picks up the slack for any girls on the planet who don’t make their quota.

It was such an eye-opening walk.  I had to walk Zofers to daycare and then walk home to get the car and it was seriously magical.  Being outside and breathing the before-7 o’clock air is a complete change from the crappity crap that is floating around when we do our walk after work.  I wish I had the time to do this every day…grab a coffee and just let the sun wash over me and think deep thoughts.  Just breathe.  It pleased my inner hippie.

This has officially become my second favorite way to start the day.   I’d tell you the first, but I’d hate to make Husbandio blush…