This one’s for the boys

Alright kittens, I’ll spare y’all from the endless food posts because no one needs to hear about the jillion batches of muffins that I baked this weekend, and my amazing mother-in-law came over yesterday and made us a gigantic pot of her mince curry, so I’m off the hook with cooking for a few days.

My faithful readers and everyone in my life knows that I’m currently pregnant with our second WunderKid.  Pregnancy is totally a time where a woman can be truly self-indulgent.  I won’t say “selfish,” because I promise you that if I were being selfish, I’d be astonishingly drunk all day long.  But definitely self-indulgent.  When you’re growing a whole new baby inside your belly, it becomes really easy to say things like, “Ohhhh…you had a hard day at work, did you?  WELL DID YOU CREATE LIFE?????  Because I don’t get to take a lunch break from the miracle I’m producing.”

Not that I would say that…I’m just sayin’…

So let’s take a beat and appreciate our amazing other halves.

Husbandio fears internet stalkers, so this is as close to seeing him as you’re gonna get!

Men are super crazy amazing for more reasons than I have time or space to mention.  Enough of my jibber jabber…let’s get a list going!

1. The Boombada.  You know…sexy times!  Husbandio is a faithful reader now, so I’ll put this one first.  Seriously ladies – I know that we all have a nightstand full of ways to get around this, but there’s no replacing the real thing.  ALL HAIL OUR MEN and their bits and pieces.

2. They kill bugs.  I walked into the kitchen on Saturday morning and there was the most. terrifying. bug. ever. hanging out on the curtain.  All I had to do was call Husbandio into the room and he immediately sprang into action.  **Note: this point does not apply when it’s a money spider.  I know, I know, I think it’s ridiculous, too.  But we’ll overlook that one for now.

3. They do the outside stuff.  This one is probably the one that I forget most quickly, and that’s TERRIBLE of me to do.  But every once in a while, there will be a dish on the counter and just as I’m opening my mouth to moan about “whyyyyyyyyyy is it so haaaaaaaard to remember to put it in the diiiiiiishwasher” I look up and catch a glimpse of Husbandio through the window, mowing the lawn or cleaning the gunk out of the eaves troughs.  Their priorities are just different, guys.  What we want from the bathroom and kitchen, they want from the yard and the garage.  See how this can all work together for a beautiful life?

4. They are amazing with our children.  Have you ever watched a man with his daughter?  Go…Go now.  I’ll wait.

Back?  Did it bring a tear to your eye?  Because if it didn’t you either watched the wrong man, or you’re dead inside.  There is something about the love of a man and his spawn that is unlike anything else in the Universe.  Stand back and just let it wash over you.  You’ll never regret it.

I could seriously go on for days with this list, and that’s no accident.  My life is the best life for many reasons, but that man that you can kind of see in the picture up there is reason number one.  Find someone you can’t imagine breathing without, kittens, and everything else just falls into place.