I’d wrap bacon around you if I could

Delicious just got delicious-er

My name is Anita and I have a confession to make.  If I had a super power, it would be taking a perfectly healthy food and making it more perfect.  And less healthy.  I swear, I don’t mean to do it, but I have a compulsion to add bacon, butter, or cheese to pretty much everything on the planet.

Last night was no exception.

It started innocently enough.  Just a girl and her beautiful asparagus.

See how it lays here, so green and perfect?

Hmmmm…it’s good, but not great Let’s add some sundried tomato and oregano dressing to marinate it for a while, yes?


And while this alone would probably have made a wonderful side dish, I saw a package of bacon out of the corner of my eye and dinner was born.  Life is short, kittens, enjoy your food.

If you’re every feeling truly wicked and wanna live on the edge (of obesity) ask me about my broccoli recipe.  Or how I make green beans.  And then stand back and bathe in the glory of my amazing metabolism.  I know, I spend a lot of time counting my lucky stars.

I predict a whole new direction for the weekend.  It’s so flipping hot here right now that I don’t see a lot of Poor Sainted Anita slaving away over her stove this weekend.  Stay tuned for Anita’s First Attempt at Making Sorbet!  There’s a pineapple in my kitchen just BEGGING to be frozen and pulverized.  Although I dooooooooo want to make muffins on Sunday.  Maybe with carrots?  Feel free to leave me your favorite recipe!