Is that a sausage in your pocket?


I KNOW what it looks like…but trust me!

Trust me, I thought the same thing the first time I saw a coil of boerewors sausage.  “You guys can see this, yes?  It’s POOP!”  Looks are deceiving, kittens, and I’ve never been happier to be deceived.

Boerewors is an amazing South African sausage that my amazing South African Husbandio fed me many moons ago ***insert obligatory South African sausage jokes here…you’re all hilarious*** and now I eagerly anticipate all the family gatherings on his side because I know that it will make an appearance.

Wanna know what makes the sausage even better?  BALLS.  I’ll wait whilst you continue with the joke making.


How about now?

Ok.  The balls that I’m referring to this time aren’t your ordinary, average balls, I’m talking about Mrs Balls chutney and it will rock your world.  Truth be told, I’m not usually a huge chutney fan.  I like my fruit where it belongs…on it’s own or in a dessert.  But Mrs Balls (WHY wasn’t that my name.  Anita Balls?  Come on – I’d be the most popular girl EVERYWHERE!) has taken the art of chutney making and perfected it.  Got a curry on the stove?  Grab your Balls.  Sausage on the BBQ?  Whip out the Balls!  A dinner party isn’t a dinner party without BALLS!

There you have it, friends, a sure-fire way to ensure a happy belly on the weekend.  Sausage and balls.  Go forth and get it in ya!