Popping the Cherry

Oooooh!  How exciting!  Post number one.  I’d like to assume that millions of you are here, reading this entry, eagerly anticipating what will come in the days, weeks, months, and years to follow.  However, I’m a realist, so I’ll just say hi to my actual fans.

Hi mom!

My life is the best life for countless reasons.  Not perfect, mind you, but pretty stinkin’ good.  So in honor of popping my blogging cherry, I bring you the AMAZING CHERRY:

Sweet summery goodness, with a little pit to keep you in the moment.

I bought the first cherries of the year on Monday and enjoyed them all, quickly and secretly, because sharing cherries just isn’t my thing.  So sue me.  I’m an only child.  Now I’m ACHING for the day that I start seeing all the roadside stands selling fresh, sun-kissed produce to bring home and devour before anyone can see share with my family.

SUMMER IS HERE, KITTENS!  Let the fun begin.